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Tropical hibiscus flowers are one of the enduring symbols of the tropics.Propagating hibiscus can be done in the home.Hibiscus cuttings are normally the preferred way of propagating hibiscus because a cutting will grow to be an exact copy of the parent plant.
Tropical hibiscus cuttings can be rooted or grafted.

Rooting method:
Trim the bottom of the hibiscus cutting to be cut just below the bottom leaf node (bump where the leaf was growing). Dip the bottom of the hibiscus cutting in rooting hormone.The next step for propagating hibiscus from cuttings is to place the hibiscus cutting in well draining soil. A 50-50 mix of potting soil and perlite works well. Make sure the rooting soil is thoroughly wet, then stick a finger into the rooting soil. Place the hibiscus cutting into the hole and backfill it around the hibiscus cutting.Place a plastic bag over the cutting, making sure that the plastic does not touch the leaves. Place the hibiscus cutting in partial shade. Make sure the rooting soil stays damp (not wet) until the hibiscus cuttings are rooted. The cuttings should be rooted in between 6 to 8 weeks. Once they are rooted, you can repot them in a bigger pot.

Grafting method:
Cuttings are grafted to rootstock varieties that have proven themselves to be resistant and have a strong root system. Grafting is the most effective way .To graft, a sharp knife is used to notch the rootstock and expose the cambium layer below the bark. A sliver of the hybrid with an "eye" is trimmed to expose its cambium layer and inserted into the notch to match-up with the cambium layer of the rootstock. This area is then wrapped with grafting tape to keep tight and then sealed with grafting wax. Grafted plants are generally faster growing, produce larger flowers, live longer and flower sooner than plants of the same variety grown on their own roots.

The length of the cutting is  about 8 inches. All cuttings will be desinfected with hydrogen peroxide before packaging and also the cuts will be sealed.It will be packaged in Ziploc bags to make sure that the wood will be in a moist environment until it arrives to its destination.We recommend our clients to root / graft the wood as soon as they receive it.

Fresh hibiscus cuttings getting prepared for the shipment
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