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Puerto Rico

Exploring Beauty in Details: Hibiscus Seeds

Immerse yourself in the microscopic world of nature through my photographic series dedicated to hibiscus seeds. In this collection, I capture the amazing complexity and uniqueness of these little botanical wonders.

We recommend to nick the seeds before sowing.Nicking is not difficult. Simply press the seed, underneath the tip of a fingernail, against a surface upon which it can be cut. With a sharp razor cutter remove just the smallest amount of seed coat possible so that the white of the embryonic tissue is exposed. Be sure to nick the round end, as this end is where the seedling leaves are found.

Seeds can be planted in a commercial seed starting medium or a mix can be made out of some combination of sand, perlite, vermiculite . The seeds are planted 1/4" to 1/2" deep in the mixture and should germinate in a week.It is best to keep the temperature about 80 to 85° F (about 28° C) and the medium moist, but not soggy.

In colder climates a heat mat to provide bottom heat is helpful.It is absolutely essential that you do not use too much water. Seeds will rot and will not germinate if they stay in a wet/soggy medium.

Each image reveals the unique structure of the seeds, from their intricate textures to the mesmerizing patterns that characterize them. Through the lens of my camera, I have sought to highlight the diversity and surprising elegance present in these tiny treasures.

As we explore each photograph, we invite a new appreciation for the details that often go unnoticed. Hibiscus seeds are not only bearers of life, but also a captivating natural art that deserves to be admired.

This series is a testament to my passion for revealing beauty in the small and seemingly ordinary. I invite you to immerse yourself in these images and discover the wonder that lies in the world of hibiscus seeds.

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